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About Meridian Realty Management

Image of David, president of Meridian Management.

David Burgess
President of Meridian Realty Management

David has been involved in the property management business since 1985. He founded Meridian Realty Management in 1993 as a boutique management company to concentrate on providing the highest standards of service demanded by premier Real Estate Communities and Associations.

Raised and educated in Florida, David grew up in Fort Lauderdale and has resided here for over 35 years. He holds a B.S. degree in Behavioral Science from the University of South Florida and maintains a Florida Real Estate Broker’s License, Florida Community Association Manager’s License, and is a Florida Certified General Contractor.

Fort Lauderdale coastal area

Our Story

Our clientele includes Financial Institutions, Federal and State courts, attorneys, partnerships, corporations, associations and individuals. As you evaluate your options to oversee your real estate asset or association, call Meridian Realty Management. We will relieve the daily, monthly, and annual duties and competently and professionally manage your property. We’re certain you will view Meridian Realty Management as a capable and qualified firm for all of your real estate needs.

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