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Management Services

Tailored Service, Above the Rest
Meridian Realty Management will provide a management program tailored to the needs of our client.
In defining services specifically for your property, we will first assess any of the special needs of the property and will adjust the Management Plan according.

Building Services

Meridian Realty Management in association with Florida Licensed General Contractors can provide:
new construction, project supervision, improvements, permit applications, rehab, and disaster recovery.

Management Services

By enlisting professional, experienced property managers properly licensed by the State of Florida to fulfill all of the duties addressed in the Management Agreement, Meridian Realty Management diligently provides the following:

Office Work
Office Desk
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With multiple moving parts involved with successfully running a property, we’re uniquely skilled and licensed with over 35 years of experience in areas that include:

  • Annual Management Plan and Standard Operating Property Procedure

  • Service and Maintenance Contracts

  • Refine Security and 24-hour Emergency Procedures

  • Maintain System of Books, Records, Property Files

  • Enforcement and Compliance of Rules and Regulations

  • Investigate and Secure Proper Insurance Policies and Coverages

  • Receive and Respond to Service Requests

  • Property Inspections

  • Pursuit and Implementation of Delinquent Collection Program

  • Administrative Lease Term Compliance


Finances are vital to the success and safety of property and residents. Meridian has taken a critical step in proving assistance in various administrative takes. We’ve developed processes, systems, and oversight to assist in areas such as:

  • Preparation of Annual Property Budget

  • Establish Property Bank Accounts

  • Maintain Property Bank Accounts

  • Collect Rents, Fees, and Assessments

  • Make Timely Deposits

  • Review and Approve Invoices

  • Prepare and Distribute Payables

  • Prepare Monthly Financial Reports

  • Prepare Narrative Monthly Activity


Meridian Realty Management provides intensive management supervision in all maintenance disciplines including bidding and scheduling in the following areas:

Lawn & Landscape: Lawn and tree cutting and fertilization processes during critical season changes throughout the year. Pest control and weeding when necessary to ensure a healthy and safe ecosystem for the environment and residents.

Irrigation: Ensure property movement of water with maintenance and repair when necessary to mitigate flood risk to the property.

Janitorial: Cleaning of common areas both interior and exterior, window and pressure washing when necessary. Maintaining supplies and equipment.

Pool & Fountains: Cleaning of water, filters, debris removal, and ensuring safe chemical levels for resident enjoyment.

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